Quality Assurance Observation

Quality Assurance Observation

OAC has set the standard when it comes to Quality Assurance Observation and Training. At OAC University we launched the first ever on-line Certified Quality Assurance Technician (CQAT) training that is specifically designed for the private commercial and residential construction market sector.

Whether performing 3 rd party Quality Assurance or training Owners, Architects, and Contractors, OAC is leading our industry in changing the way quality is delivered on a project.

As one of the nation’s leading underwriters has said: “We have projects throughout the country and have dealt with every major QA/QC firm and really feel that the work performed by OAC Management on our three Vail Projects is second to none.”

Quality Assurance Certification

As a leader in the industry, OAC has created the first of its kind Quality Assurance Observation Certification (“QAO Certified”) program. This will allow owners the opportunity to have their projects “certified” that what is drawn is actually built. OAC offers (3) levels of certification giving the ownership team the option to choose the level of involvement they believe is necessary.

Quality Assurance Training

In addition to providing Quality Assurance Observation, OAC provides Quality Assurance Certification “QAO Certified” training wherein individuals from the Project Team can be trained and certified by OAC. Our training provides a comprehensive (1) day course that covers the most important aspects of waterproofing and proper building envelope and interior assembly practices that will assure a quality product in the end.

Sustainable Quality

The recent trend toward “green” construction is often interchanged with the term sustainability. While we are proponents of everything “green,” we believe that for a structure to truly be sustainable if must be durable. In order for a structure to stand the test of time, all of its components (green or not) must be properly constructed. This is where the Quality Assurance Observation program comes into play.

Building Envelope Consulting

OAC personnel have received Building Enclosure Commissioning Process Provider (BECxP) Certifications from the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering. We bring strong and proven experience from our previous projects, allowing us to give immediate focused attention and recommendations on the crucial details of your project. “No squeaks and no leaks.”

Punch List & Close-out Management

OAC compiles, issues, and tracks the punch list process from start to finish. This may include anything from a progress punch list of a particular scope during construction, to a final construction punch list at the end of the project.

OAC gathers all of the Operations and Maintenance Manuals, compiles all Warranty Documents, closes out all contracts, and organizes it into a complete package so as to make maintaining your product much more effective and enjoyable.

If you’re not delivering quality, you’re stealing value."

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