Coupling our experience and expertise in Project Finance Management, OAC understands the importance of identifying funding sources, preparing an accurate budget, providing the necessary detail that allows the user to understand, and presenting it in a user friendly manner.

OAC is sensitive to the fact that finances are personal and there are often more than just one source. We also understand it can be a cumbersome process and needs to be well organized and closely monitored. Whether working with personal managers or facilitating sourcing, we’re here to help. From Budget creation to Cash Flow Analysis; Change Management and Funds Disbursement, we make certain that all Change Orders are legitimate, Lien Releases are properly filed, Insurance Certificates are up to date, and funds are transferred when they need to be.

We create, monitor, and present a monthly report for our owner’s so they are well informed and understand where there money is being spent – and they are getting commensurate value for their money.