Finance Management

Finance Management

OAC understands the importance of identifying funding sources, preparing an accurate budget, providing the necessary detail that allows the user to understand, and presenting it in a user-friendly manner.

OAC is sensitive to the fact that finances are personal and can be a cumbersome process that needs to be well organized and closely monitored. From Budget creation to Cash Flow Analysis; Change Management and Funds Disbursement, we make certain that all Change Orders are legitimate, Lien Releases are properly filed, Insurance Certificates are up to date, and funds are transferred when they need to be.

We create, monitor, and present a monthly report for our owner’s so they are well informed and understand where their money is being spent and value is being delivered.

Funds Disbursement Verification

OAC collects, evaluates, and submits a detailed “claims list” (i.e. Pay Application) packet to the client that includes the invoices, schedule, insurance certificates, lien releases, and an overall project pay application that show the expenses and remaining balances to date per each scope of work

Change Management

OAC assists our clients in defining a complete change order process wherein the project team understands, and complies with, the necessary protocols that are so important in maintaining control of the project budget.

OAC is diligent about keeping our clients up to date and informed on any and all Budget and Scope changes.

Reserve Fund Study

OAC will add value to your property and organization by bringing you clarity with respect to existing and projected conditions of the many different components to your building. Our priority is keeping your property sufficiently funded and prepared for the future.

Property Condition Assessment

Property Condition Assessments are critical for determining the current value of Real Estate property. OAC is trained and certified in the ASTM Standard E 2018-08 and follows our very structured process in evaluating improvements on a parcel of commercial real estate. We offer an added security during real estate transactions by analyzing the critical building components and giving realistic recommendations to buyers, sellers and underwriters prior to the final sale.

The cost of failing to execute far outweighs the burden of planning.

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