OAC Management Incorporated is a full service Professional Owner’s Representation company that provides a comprehensive approach to navigating projects and minimizing risk. OAC is committed to providing our clients clear direction, a cogent plan and the effective means to successfully manage the inherent risks of all projects. From Development, Construction and Project Finance Management to Quality Assurance Observation, OAC serves lending institutions, private owners, development companies and municipalities with a complete palette of professional project management services.

In essence OAC provides their clients a comprehensive management solution that averts risk by thoroughly understanding both the administrative and technical requirements of a project that are too often overlooked on the front end: overall feasibility, selecting a qualified team of professionals with the required skill sets, defining communication requirements, reporting requirements, defining goals and objectives to manage budget and schedule and, lastly, verifying that quality is in fact implemented at every level of the organization.

Using a method we have coined as Organizational Process Management (OPM), OAC fleshes out – through careful investigation and interview – the requirements and expectations of all of the parties involved and creates a work plan to ensure a successful project delivery.  OAC takes intentional steps daily to make certain their clients get what they paid for – superior service with superior leadership.

Very simply put, our services provide the communication link and delivery engine between all of the necessary parties and make certain the entire team is striving to achieve the same goal – that is – what the owner has dreamed of from the beginning.

“The cost of failing to execute what needs to happen at a certain time, far outweighs the burden of planning what needed to be done before that time”.
Erik W. Peterson

Reserve Fund Studies

More information on Reserve Fund Studies

We provide Reserve Studies to resort facilities, condo complexes, apartment buildings, HOA’s, condominium associations, office buildings, and residential homes. Our experience in construction lends itself to accurately determining the useful life of components, as well as understanding the costs associated with each assembly. A reserve study is an important step to achieving Sustainable QualityTM for your structure. Contact us today for a complimentary proposal and click the compass for more info.

Quality Assurance Observation

More Information on Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Observation (QAO) program is the first of its kind in addressing the issue of construction defects that have plagued the construction industry for the last few decades. QAO verifies through observation, at pre-determined incremental stages, that particular processes and assemblies are being constructed according to plans and specifications. Simply put – QAO makes sure that things are done right during the course of a construction project. A structure in Vail, Colorado recently became the first ‘QAO Certified™’ structure in the world. Find out what building owns that designation and learn more about the program.