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Owner's Representation

Owner’s Representation can mean a lot of things but to us it means understanding our clients’ needs and goals and then delivering on them.

Through careful investigation and interview, all of the requirements and expectations for all parties involved are carefully thought through, a Work Plan is created and shared with the team and together we create a “roadmap” that leads to a successful project and a satisfied client. Whether Construction Management, Project Finance Management, or Quality Assurance, OAC is setting the standard for excellence.

Project Team Selection

Through an extensive interview and evaluation process, OAC assists with selecting the most qualified project team to deliver the highest standard of product.

OAC makes certain we are vetting qualified professionals that can meet specific Owner goals and expectations through competitive pricing that assures the best value to our client.

Request for Proposal

Whether a simple project or a complex project requiring multiple disciplines, OAC Management has a thorough process that assures an owner they are getting a qualified team.

By thoroughly understanding the scope, OAC can tailor every RFP to assure all costs and scopes are included.

We then compile the data into an easy to understand format, prepare a customized interview questionnaire, together with a score sheet, and present to the ownership team. This allows our clients to actively participate in an objective interview process to make a collective decision that best serves the project needs.

Contract Review

OAC believes the first line of defense for any effective Risk Management program is having a solid contract. With decades of experience and a broad range of projects, OAC can assist owner’s in reviewing their contracts. OAC does not pretend to act on behalf of your legal counsel but we can bring our experience to the table and negotiate with you on your behalf.

Plans and Specifications Review

OAC believes Quality Assurance telescopes through all disciplines. For us, that translates into verifying that your plans and specifications contain the information necessary to properly construct whatever it is that is being built.

This would include, but not be limited to, making sure the plans have the appropriate details and are compatible with the specified product manufacturers requirements; cross referencing plans so as to assure they are properly coordinated with other disciplines;

making sure that “constructability” is considered and not relegated to “we’ll figure it out later”; and lastly, confirming that General Requirements actually include Quality Assurance guidelines that require industry standard practices are followed.

Contract Negotiation

Whether architect or engineer, 3rd party consultant, contract between General Contractor, subcontractors, or direct purchase agreements between suppliers, OAC Management can assist our clients in making sure they are protected.

We see it as replacing hindsight, with foresight, to pinpoint critical areas of vulnerability in advance, provide adequate resources and qualified players, prevent loss, mitigate potential impact and assure losses can be covered with proceeds from insurance or surety.

Whatever the project and whoever the player, a good contract is essential to overall project success – let us help guide you in managing your risk by evaluating your contracts.

Contract Management

OAC assists the client in drafting and analyzing the terms and conditions that are within the many sections of the contract. These terms include insurance inclusions, exclusions, contingency requirements, budget and change management process requirements, billing cycles, and construction schedules.

Permit Process Management

For most of our clients, attaining all of the necessary approvals and pulling permits is not something they do every day. Whether your project requires approval from a resource agency, municipality, state or federal governing body, we can make certain that all of the parties required are properly coordinated and the required permits and approvals are attained to get your project underway.

Executive Summary

OAC prepares a Monthly Progress Update, which is an Executive Summary to give the client an overall “big picture” analysis of how a project is progressing.

This report includes a month over month progress update, ending narrative, photo documentation, updated budget & expense analysis, change order review, cash flow, schedule, a Quality Assurance Observation update and any Issues / Concerns or Recommendations we may have.

Photo Documentation

OAC is diligent when it comes to photo documentation. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Progress Photos are taken to meet our client’s needs and expectations. These photos can be taken on a micro level with small details or on a macro level with general site progress. All photos are filed and organized electronically to assist our clients with ease of use and referencing currently or in the future.

Document Control

We assist you in managing the many documents that accompany all projects. Using a method that we call Organizational Process Management; we are able to maintain and execute documents such that the efficiency of your operations will increase.

Process Management

As defined in the book, “Taming the Squid”, Process Management entails a collective effort from the project team to scope, document, coordinate, execute, and deliver a specific task or project in style.

OAC provides the client with a cogent plan to identify the key components that allow the process management system to work effectively.

If you’re not delivering quality, you’re stealing value."

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