Owner’s Representation

Owner’s Representation can mean a lot of things. To us it means understanding our clients’ needs and goals and then providing clear direction, a cogent plan and the effective means to achieve those goals. We have found this is most effectively done by using what we have coined Organizational Process Management. Through careful investigation and interview, all of the requirements and expectations for all parties involved are carefully thought through, a Work Plan is created and shared with the team and together we create a “roadmap” that leads to a successful project and a satisfied client. Whether Development Management, Construction Management or Project Finance Management, OAC is setting the standard for excellence and quality.

Finance Management

Coupling our experience and expertise in Project Finance Management, OAC understands the importance of identifying funding sources, preparing an accurate budget, providing the necessary detail that allows the user to understand, and presenting it in a user friendly manner.

OAC is sensitive to the fact that finances are personal and there are often more than just one source. We also understand it can be a cumbersome process and needs to be well organized and closely monitored. Whether working with personal managers or facilitating sourcing, we’re here to help. From Budget creation to Cash Flow Analysis; Change Management and Funds Disbursement, we make certain that all Change Orders are legitimate, Lien Releases are properly filed, Insurance Certificates are up to date, and funds are transferred when they need to be.

We create, monitor, and present a monthly report for our owner’s so they are well informed and understand where there money is being spent – and they are getting commensurate value for their money.

Quality Assurance Observation

OAC has set the standard when it comes to Quality Assurance Observation. Different from Quality Control (QC) in that QC is reactive; Quality Assurance (QA) is proactive in finding quality concerns before they become costly and timely issues. As one of the nation’s leading underwriters has said: “We have projects throughout the country and have dealt with every major QA/QC firm and really feel that the work performed by OAC Management on our three Vail Projects is second to none.”

Quality Assurance Certification

As a leader in the industry, OAC has created the first of its kind Quality Assurance Observation Certification (“QAO Certified”) program. This will allow owners the opportunity to have their projects “certified” that what is drawn is actually built. OAC offers (3) levels of certification giving the ownership team the option to choose the level of involvement they believe is necessary.

Quality Assurance Training

In addition to providing Quality Assurance Observation, OAC provides Quality Assurance Certification “QAO Certified” training wherein individuals from the Project Team can be trained and certified by OAC. Our training provides a comprehensive (2) day course that covers the most important aspects of waterproofing and proper building envelope and interior assembly practices that will assure a quality product in the end.

Project Team Selection

Through an extensive interview and evaluation process, OAC assists with selecting the most qualified project team to deliver the highest standard of product.

Request for Proposal

Whether a simple project that requires only a few parties or a complex project requiring multiple disciplines, OAC Management has a thorough process that assures an owner they are getting a qualified team. By thoroughly understanding the scope, OAC is able to tailor every RFP to the specific scope of work. We then compile the data into an easy to understand format, prepare a customized interview questionnaire together with a score sheet and present to the ownership team. This allows our clients to actively participate in an objective interview process to make a collective decision that best serves the project needs.

Contract Review

At OAC we believe the first line of defense for any effective Risk Management program is having a solid contract in place between the owner and all contracting parties. With a broad range of experience in a host of different disciplines, OAC can assist owner’s in reviewing their contracts. OAC does not pretend to act on behalf of your legal counsel but we can provide our experience to the table and negotiate with you on your behalf.

Contract Management

OAC assists the client in drafting and analyzing various contracts; focusing on the terms and conditions that are within the many sections of the contract. These terms include insurance inclusions / exclusions, contingency requirements, budget and change management process requirements, billing cycles, and construction schedule.

Sustainable Quality℠

Sustainable QualityTM is the ability for a particular thing (i.e. building, scope of work, activity, task or assembly), to endure both the internal and external forces placed upon it, over a protracted period of time, while maintaining its original integrity, functionality and appearance.

The recent trend toward “green” construction is often interchanged with the term sustainability. While we are proponents of everything “green,” but we believe that for a structure to truly be sustainable if must be more than simply “green.” In order for a structure to stand the test of time, all of its components (green or not) must be properly constructed. This is where the Quality Assurance Observation program comes into play. QAO is the vehicle used to achieve “Sustainable QualityTM”

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Plans and Specifications Review

At OAC we believe Quality Assurance should traverse through all disciplines. For us that translates into verifying that your plans and specifications contain the information necessary to properly construct whatever it is that is being built. This would include but not be limited to making sure the plans have the appropriate details and are compatible with the specified product manufacturers requirements, cross referencing plans so as to assure they are properly coordinated with other disciplines, making sure that “constructability” is considered and not relegated to “we’ll figure it out later” and lastly confirming that General Requirements actually include Quality Assurance guidelines that require industry standard practices are followed.

Contract Negotiation

Whether architect or engineer, 3rd party consultant, contract between General Contractor, subcontractors or direct purchase agreements between suppliers, OAC Management can assist our clients in making sure they are protected. We see it as replacing hindsight with foresight to pinpoint critical areas of vulnerability in advance, provide adequate resources and qualified players, prevent loss, mitigate potential impact and assure losses can be covered with proceeds from insurance or surety. Whatever the project and whoever the player, a good contract is essential to overall project success – let us help you manage your risk by evaluating your contracts.

Funds Disbursement Verification

OAC collects, evaluates, and submits a detailed claims list packet to the client that includes the invoices, schedule, insurance certificates, lien releases, and an overall project pay application that show the expenses and remaining balances to date per each scope of work.

Building Envelope Consulting

We bring strong and proven experience from our previous projects, allowing us to give immediate focused attention and recommendations on the crucial details of your project. “No squeaks and no leaks.”

Reserve Fund Study

OAC will add value to your property and organization by bringing you clarity with respect to existing and projected conditions of the many different components to your building. Our priority is keeping your property sufficiently funded and prepared for the future.

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Permit Process Management

For most of our clients attaining all of the necessary approvals and pulling permits is not something they do every day. Whether your project requires approval from a resource agency, municipality, state or federal governing body we can make certain that all of the parties required are properly coordinated and the required permits and approvals are attained to get your project underway.

Executive Summary

OAC prepares an Executive Summary to give the client and overall “big picture” analysis of how a project is progressing. This report includes a month ending narrative, photo documentation, updated budget & expense analysis, change order review, cash flow, schedule, a Quality Assurance Observation update and any Issues / Concerns or Recommendations we may have.

Photo Documentation

OAC is diligent when it comes to photo documentation. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Progress Photos are taken to meet our client’s needs and expectations. These photos can be taken on a micro level with small details or on a macro level with general site progress. All photos are filed and organized electronically to assist our clients with ease of use and referencing currently or in the future.

Document Control

We assist you in restructuring your operations. Using a method that we call Organizational Process Management, we are able to maintain and execute documents such that the efficiency of your operations will increase.

Punch List Management

Compiling, Issuing and tracking the punch list process. This may include anything from a progress punch list of a particular scope during construction to a final construction punch list at the end of the project.

Change Management

OAC assists our clients in defining a complete change order process wherein the project team understands, and complies with, the necessary protocols that are so important in maintaining control of the project budget.

Process Management

As defined in the book “Taming the Squid”, Process Management entails a collective effort from the project team to scope, document, coordinate, execute, and deliver a specific task or project in style. OAC provides the client with a cogent plan to identify the key components that allow the process management system to work effectively.

Property Condition Assessment

Property Condition Assessments are critical for determining the current value of Real Estate property. OAC is trained and certified in the ASTM Standard E 2018-08 and follows our very structured process in evaluating improvements on a parcel of commercial real estate.We offer an added security during real estate transactions by analyzing the critical building components and giving realistic recommendations to buyers, sellers and underwriters prior to the final sale.