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Certified Quality Assurance Technician Training – April 28

OAC will be holding a Certified Quality Assurance Technician Training on April 28th, 2017 at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards, CO. This one day Quality Assurance Observation training course has been specifically designed for field supervisors and lead craftsmen on the methodology of Quality Assurance Observation (QAO). Not only will the highly interactive sessions challenge […]

OAC will be hosting another Building Science Basics Seminar

OAC Management is proud to host Joe Lstiburek for a 1-day Building Science Basics Seminar in Edwards, CO, at Colorado Mountain College, on November 18, 2016. The Wall Street Journal refers to Dr. Lstiburek as, “the dean of North American building science.” Dr. Lstiburek is the founding principal of Building Science Corporation and an acclaimed […]

How to Eliminate Construction Defects with a Simple Document

It’s finally here! We recently completed our final draft of a technical specification for Quality Assurance Observation. We believe this allows us to effectively and easily help projects deliver quality simply by inserting this section into their Specs. Architects like it because it protects them from dealing with construction defects; they are adding value for […]

5 Step Process to effectively mitigate poor quality construction

Over the last 5 years we’ve been creating, implementing, tweaking, and perfecting the QAO methodology to help contractors, architects, subcontractors, insurance professionals, and even banks effectively mitigate poor quality construction. We continue to gather feedback and improve our process. While we don’t say we have the “only” solution or even that we have a “silver […]

Why Hire an Owner’s Rep?

We were recently asked by an owner to compile a quick response to their stakeholders question of why should we spend money on an Owner’s Rep? After compiling many reasons why an Owner’s Rep is an extremely important component of any team, we narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons why hiring an Owner’s Rep […]

Is There a Difference Between QA and QC in Construction? And Does It Matter?

Many in our industry clump Quality Assurance and Quality Control together to form the trendy term “QA/QC” (even sounds kinda cool). The reality is however, at least by our definition, that “QA/QC” have about as much in common as a ceiling does to a roof. True they are both found overhead – but – both […]

When Your Reserve Study Shows it’s Time For a Renovation…

Your HOA’s Reserve Study indicates that your roof and siding should be replaced in 8 years, but yesterday while walking to your car you noticed the siding is in pretty bad shape. You begin the process of asking around for a good local contractor who can provide a high quality renovation at a relatively low […]

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