We suppose this question applies to every market sector of business. It has various forms, and can be asked in many different ways, but in the end it comes down to just one thing. Dollars.

How much does it cost me?

Answer: (We choose to answer this question with a question) Don’t you mean “How much is this going to save you?”

Let’s review some of the benefits a good Quality Assurance Observation program can deliver to the bottom line:

1. It will significantly reduce the number of RFI’s generated in the field thus saving you processing and supervision time (i.e. money)

2. It will significantly reduce overall amount of “re-work” that is traditionally done throughout a project. Saving you money.

3. It will significantly reduce the number of “Punch List” items that are typically seen on a project thereby saving you supervision time (i.e. more money)

4. It will shorten the “Close-out” process on your project and thereby give your owner’s their product sooner. Giving you more money

5. It will shorten the release of your Retention held on the project so you can take that money and go invest it in other things. Creating more money.

6. It will reduce the number of change orders typically seen on a traditional project thus saving you processing and supervision time and money.

7. It will reduce the number of “call backs” and “Warranty Work” that could otherwise be expected without a Quality Assurance Observation program. Those cost money.

8. It will significantly reduce the possibility of Construction Defect Claims – the smallest of which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and untold hours of preparation. Lots of Money

9. It will reduce future maintenance costs. Money

10. It will extend the useful life of your structure. Money

11. It will give you thorough documentation that can be used in settling any disputes that may arise. Money

12. It will preserve your brand name and give you peace of mind knowing you’ve got a good product. Money

We are in the process of analyzing past projects and assigning values to individual aspects of construction. Soon we will be releasing a Cost-Benefit Analysis of QAO within our presentations as well as to interested parties (email erikpeterson@oacminc.com), but ultimately we know that you sill save Money.

The numbers so far have been astounding and amazed even our team. Once completed this analysis will be a powerful tool that quantifies the tangible benefits of implementing a QAO program on any project.

Until that analysis is complete we leave you with the preview above and a video overview of the Quality Assurance Observation program and encourage anyone interested in QAO to sign up for our Email Newsletter as we release future QAO Certification Training Session dates and times.