Erik Peterson, Founder and President of OAC Management Incorporated, will be part of a panel of experts speaking at this year’s International Risk Management Institute Construction Risk Conference in Orlando, Florida. The workshop titled, “Road Map to Construction Quality – A Case Study,” will include industry professionals who worked alongside OAC Management on the recently completed, Ritz-Carlton Club & Residences at Vail. Vail Resorts Development Company and The Ritz Carlton received the first of its kind “QAO Certified” award that was presented by OAC Management Incorporated and Old Republic Construction Program Group, Inc. Erik Peterson said about the conference, “This is a another great opportunity for OAC to display the value of our Quality Assurance Observation program and to share our vision of so positively impacting and inspiring our market sector, by infusing a culture of excellence into single projects, that it transforms both individuals and products into models that will ultimately revolutionize our industry.”

Excerpt from p.24 of the conference brochure explaining the workshop –
W10. Road Map to Construction Quality—A Case Study
A typical construction project is assembled from millions of pieces combined into tens of thousands of components by hundreds of craft workers employed by dozens of subcontractors. In such a process, the opportunity for failure and potential for mistakes are incalculable. Add to the equation rising owner expectations, growing complexities in the construction process, and challenges of time and cost pressures, and you have a ticking time bomb. The standard industry approach to ensure construction quality is to focus efforts on postconstruction quality controls. In this workshop, a panel of experts examines a different approach to quality that emphasizes getting it right the first time, which produces a significantly better outcome for all parties. (B, C, I, L, O, S)
Roberto Diaz-Albertini, Senior Vice President, Old Republic Construction Program Group, Inc.;
Graham Frank, Senior Project Manager, Vail Resorts Development Company;
Richard C. Livermore, Executive Vice President, Safety, Old Republic Construction Program Group;
Erik W. Peterson, President, OAC Management Incorporated;
Ron G. Prichard, President, Arcanum Professional Services, Inc.

Link to the Construction Risk Conference Brochure; Nov 14th-18th 2010, Orlando, Florida.

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